Disabled Toilet cards

Need to Use a Wheelchair Accessible Toilet?

Have you ever been too embarrassed to use a DISABLED TOILET when you have to change or empty your ostomy appliance? Or have you ever been challenged when entering or leaving a DISABLED TOILET (wheelchair accessible)?

Where available, a DISABLED TOILET will provide the privacy and space needed for an Ostomate to change or empty their appliance. However, to the general public most Ostomates do not appear as if they should be using them.

To help avoid such problems, an information card has been provided to all NSW Stoma Limited members. Keep the card in your wallet or purse for quick access if needed.

You can also show this card when asking to use the toilet at a shop, restaurant or other business. It doesn’t guarantee access to their toilets (as every business has different health and safety rules), but it proves you have a genuine medical condition that requires the urgent use of a toilet. Many places will try to help you.

Need to Use a Wheelchair Accessible Toilet?

Can’t find a toilet?

Go to: https://toiletmap.gov.au/